Centella asiatica, A Shield Against Brain and Cognitive Function Disorders

Recent lifestyle owned by most of the metropolitan increases the potential brain disorders. For example is no breakfast, this habit are often overlooked by a number of workers to replace it with a cup of coffee or no breakfast at all because they were hunted by the time.

monster burgerBesides that there’s habit of overeating, when hunger comes due to no intake for breakfast, tendency wants to overeat would arise. Trends / concept overeating also supported by several restaurants as a brunch menu (breakfast-lunch). This habit is not just interfere with brain function, but also increases the risk of obesity, diabetes and coronary heart disease.

Jus segar Centella asiatica

Fresh juice of Centella asiatica

Dehydration can also be a negative impact on brain function. Less drinking is more often forgotten by many people who have a hectic working hours. Ironically, workers need a brain to work, but they often forget about brain intake. To support the maximum performance of the brain, the brain supplement is needed to support all of your activities.


Centella asiatica, the small leaves have already proven to improve brain, also can reduce brain that regulate cortisol hormone which increase anxiety levels. Efficacy of Centella asiatica has long been used since Ayurveda traditional medication, fresh juice from whole parts of this plant contains glycosides, tannins, flavonoids, vitamin B and C, Ca, Mg, Na which will help improve the health of the brain (Pareek, 2016).

The main compound of the Centella asiatica, Asiaticoside has successfully combat potential of dementia and improve a cognitive function in the body. Recent research in Indonesia proves Centella asiatica show results more effectively enhance the brain’s memory domain than folic acid tablets. In the journal (Farhana et al., 2016), researchers also suggest the use of Centella asiatica effectively used to improve cognitive function in post-stroke patients.

We also support the effectiveness of the performance of the brain by carrying the product Centella asiatica. Phytexence collaborates with proven partners in the standard processing of Centella asiatica, so it does not detract from the nutritious content of this plant. Care about yourself by taking supplements of the brain and change into a healthier lifestyle. Of course, because your brain is the biggest investment in your life.

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