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Breastfeeding period begins on the first day after baby birth. The period of breastfeeding until at least the first 6 months is very good to support food intake and immunity for baby. However, the fact that many women have trouble getting breast milk is an issue need to be addressed immediately. A mother can produce breast milk of 50-100 mL on the first aday of breastfeeding, and will increase up to 500 mL in the second week..

Total expenditure breast milk depends on the hormones oxytocin and prolactin. Releasing those hormones can be high if it is inversely proportional to the release of stress hormones (cortisol). On the first day of breastfeeding, women tend to experience stress after childbirth process, it triggers increasing stress hormones release. It is not good for the condition of nursing mothers, so it needs a treatment (with no side effects) to increase the production of breast milk by pressing the release of stress hormones.

Recent research shows a significant difference in the total production of breast milk in nursing mothers who were respondents who undergo massage therapy and Jasmine aromatherapy.

Proven significantly, 11 respondents from 44 respondents (combination group of massage and jasmine aromatherapy treatments) produces 190.00 mL (after) from the amount of breast milk beginning of 97.09 mL (before) (Agustina C S, et al., 2016).

Respondents were also well decreases cortisol levels if given a massage treatment than respondents who did not get a massage (control).

Gentle massage can soothe and reduce psychological stress by increasing the morphine endogenous hormones (Best et al, 2008).

Emotional response to scent will be conducted by the amygdala (a part of the limbic system in the brain) (Buckle, 2001), if amygdala responds jasmine fragrant that has the ability to provide relaxation and become a mood enhancer, then jasmine aromatherapy definitely would greatly contribute to increase the production of breast milk (through reduced the release of the hormone cortisol).

Phytexence provides product for aromatherapy industry in order to enhance the effectiveness of produce breastmilk and contribute to improving the health of future generations.

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