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Our goal is to find and  identify efficient and quality partnerships with companies sharing the same vision, and be in connexion with passionate and committed people .

Building strong and long-term partnerships was one of our first mission. Sustained and bilateral collaborations became our strength. We have set-up a friendly business environment that encourages personal growth.

Who we are
Committed people who love what they do and who are passionate with everything related to Nature and Human care. Experienced individual eager to learn more, dedicated to provide more and serve better.

Who you are
Talented individual with high dsenseegree of commitment, interested by New products development mainly in Health, Cosmetic and Food industries. Your dedication makes you a team player with high flexibility and adaptation capacity.

Become a supplier

If you feel you are a suitable potential supplier to Phytexence, we will be very pleased to hear from you. For that, you must be a producer or processor of raw materials in order for us to consider you. We consider that high standard of quality is a must and we also consider that honesty is a starting block. We expect the same from potential suppliers.

Technology partner

We consider that innovation is the key of success and longevity business. We eager to always spend time in developing new products and process. If you have technology that you think could be of interest to us and are looking for a partnership, feel free to contact. With us or one of our partners we will try our best to make your promising ideas come true.

Work as an agent

Phytexence is represented overseas in a number of ways. We are open to the possibility of taking on additional agents and distributors in countries or regions where we have no current representation or physical presence of our own, particularly in South America, Middle East and Africa.

Use us as your distributor

We are representing some herbal extracts producers in Europe and in Indonesia. We are open to distributing on behalf of other companies whose products are sufficiently different so as not to pose a conflict of interest.

Join our team

Opened positions will be found in our News. However, people interested by sharing our adventure parties may contact us regardless of whether or not an ad has been posted. Candidates of interest should have at least one of those characteristics:

– A strong science background in biochemistry or other related fields;
– An Experience as a herbal extracts chemist;
– Experience in the essential oil production;
– A commercial mindset and a talent for sales and marketing.

But one more thing: commitment and love of Nature are a must.

Team meeting

Learn with us
Because we all were students and we all were dreaming of finding the right company to give us our first chance, we always try to be helpful for students who are willing to learn and have experience.


An real learning opportunity
As a human-size enterprise with a family mindset, we understand the value of passing on knowledge and experience to future generations. For that, we welcome students and allows them to focus on their specific interests while growing their talents in a professional environment. Eligible students will come from either a science or a business background.

Supervision and prospects
We are able to supervise students performing mandatory internship for their university programs. In this case, students must provide us with all details of what is expected before in order to be sure that we can comply withe academic requirements. Placements may vary in length and, who knows, can lead to offers of employment.

It will be better to apply early in the academic year. We have limited spaces for students.