Ensuring our future

Sustainability is an integral part of the Phytexence and its partners. Since our first step, we have founded our business on long-term commitment and responsibility, through the environmental, social and economic dimensions, consistently ensuring our services and products meet acceptable standards.

Green is a trend, sustainability is a mindset – Lloyd Lee

We work hard for increasing this sustainability conscience at every level, from the farmers we work with and the clients we serve.

Corporate responsibility is the basic of our work. Everyone in Phytexence commits himself to ensure an active compliance with: the company rules, the Law, ethical standards, and international regulations.

We encourage actor in developing a sustainable conscience and to have a positive impact on The Environment and his/her environment.

We are committed to ensure that our operations do not impact negatively the environment. Every opportunity is taken to reduce our waste streams; the re-use of packaging, waste oil and water and the recycling of paper and cardboard are standard working practices in our operational sites.