Pumpkin seed, The Scavenger for Radical Particle

Mar 02, 2017 Uni Sutiah

Pumpkin become one of the most frequently consumed fruits in the world, orange-colored fruit contains beta-carotene, one of provitamin A and also as an anti-oxidant. The fruit is used in addition to delicious meat dishes, it has seeds contain a number of essential nutrients. The Nutrition efficacious for:
1. Moisturize skin
2. Treating Acne
3. Accelerate wound healing
4. Prevent Aging
5. Protect Skin Cancer Risk terserangnya
6. Best Sources of Vitamin E
7. Anti-inflammatory

Generally, all the vitamin E serves as an anti-oxidant that protects tissues from free radical attack, so that the body protected from various diseases such as liver damage, cancer, stroke and dementia. So even vitamin E on a pumpkin, its seeds have been used in various skin care products and health.

This efficacy is supported by a recent study. Research on the purification and testing of pumpkin seed oil showed that it contained 17 common amino acids and rich in glutamic acid, alanine and glycine in a pumpkin seed. Antioxidants in vitro assays show that the PSP-I showed moderate activity as scavengers on DPPH radicals and hydroxyl radicals. In addition, the PSP-I display inhibitory activity against the amylase clear and strong antibacterial activity.

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