Quality is a must

We are the first consumers of herbal-based products. So, we have a deep concern about the quality of the ingredients used in such finished products. And to live up our commitment to quality, we have established some rules that help us to ensure what we are providing to our clients.

– We know personally everyone of our production partners.
We don’t believe in virtual relations even if it might be successful sometimes. Even if we are living an unreal world where you can have thousands never met friends through social network, we continue to follow our mom’s advice: “don’t talk to a stranger.”

To set-up this principle, we work with people we have visited personally.

– We took the responsibility of any quality problem.
We want to deliver to our clients what they have ordered from us, nothing less if not better. So, we commit ourselves to take back products that are not complying with the request and replace them with the right ones.

– As far as possible, we commit ourselves to an on time delivery.
This commitment is important for us because we understand that our clients have production planning. However, we always explain to them that the shipping and the customs clearance are out of our control, even if we begin to understand and anticipate the delays that might occur.

– We sell products that we are sure about
In our business, you will often find people who are unscrupulous and motivated by money. And unfortunately, for most of herbal powders and ratio extracts, it is quite impossible to difference, at least reasonable cost. And it is breach that is attracting many gamers, and not only small ones.